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DBCI - Brains-Blood Coupling Interfase
Bio-electromagnetic technology-DBCI brain-blood coupling interface technology:
Is an application of technology in the direction of biological electromagnetic edge science, through the electromagnetic signal emitted by the organism spectrum analysis, in order to determine the physiological, pathological and even psychological changes in the state of the organism.Sensor and software analysis system has been successfully developed trial production, the ultimate goal is to apply it to the field of life safety testing and monitoring and artificial intelligence, such as passenger transport, high-speed rail, aircraft pilot fatigue and mental tension monitoring.
DSF - Diagnostic Sanogenesis Frequency
Spectrum analysis diagnostic method-DSF rehabilitation frequency diagnostic method:
It is a method of diagnosing the state of each unit of the cardiovascular system.Can be used to find more information on the control status of each unit of the cardiovascular system in response to ECG signals.Such as through the ECG spectrum analysis, can be found in myocardial infarction,stroke precursors, and even can be used to detect viral infection and latent.

Diagnostic Sanogenesis Frequency

Passive, Non-Invasive Diagnostic System for Detecting Fatigue and Psycho Emotional Stress   

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